The Angels Sing

There is a fresh new sound of music coming to America - a new song with a heavenly aura about it sung by an International Songbird, Rita, Israel's reigning Queen of Song and most beloved diva. Rita's music & current English album project "Love Has Begun" includes among others, the new English version of her Hebrew hit song "Bo" titled Love Has Begun and a beautiful remake of "Wind Beneath My Wings" that will take your breath away. Rita is joined on the "Love Has Begun" compilation album by Tomey Sellars, "Florida's Finest", Franki Love, "California Angel" and "Glorious" Gloria Tillotson Erardi, hailing from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Together they make music from the Heart of America that lifts the Spirit for the whole world to enjoy. There is an expression, "People who make music together cannot be enemies as long as the music lasts"...
So let the music play and sing with the angels! Logo
Music by Rita ~ Love has begun ~ - Video