STAND TALL - Tomey Sellars (lyrics)

Stand Tall is an inspirational message song written by John Whitehead of McFadden/Whitehead fame and performed by the beautiful and talented Tomey Sellars. John is known for "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" with 37 Gold and Platinum albums and 3 Grammy nominations to his credit. The late John Whitehead's last wish was that his message songs of Love and Freedom go out to the whole world. Let's make his wish come true.


Rita - Love Has Begun Video

RITA Israel's Queen of Song is by far the most celebrated and successful singer in the land. In 2008 she was voted number 1 female singer in a special countdown for Israel’s 60th anniversary. RITA continues to prove, with crowded theatres and stadiums alike and with multi-platinum albums that she is by far the most mesmerizing female vocalist Israel has to offer.

Rita’s beautiful voice has gained worldwide attention. Now Rita’s first American single “Love Has Begun” has begun penetrating the American music charts and conquering a respectful place in the top 40!  RITA was nominated for and won the New Music Weekly Award for “Top 40 Breakthrough Artist ” 

Rita, in addition to being a successful singer is a graduate of one of the most respected acting schools in Israel and has performed in dozens of plays and movies. Rita won "Actress of the Year" in the Israeli cinema awards. Rita has released her latest intimate album "Remazim" (Clues) produced by Israeli rock star, Ivri Lider. The album reached double platinum status. Rita will soon release the song Ray Of Hope, a new inspiring song the whole world needs to hear.




Check out the Love has begun music video on youtube.